Map of Kimberley
The Kimberley is a special part of the Australian Continent. We had thought of doing extensive flying in that region. However, in order to preserve our resources and not tire ourselves out too much, we decided to limit the flying to the greater vicinity of Broome. One of the limitations was the increasing thermal turbulence and buildup of large cumulus clouds by noon.
Town of BroomeBroome, a cultural and large  tourist center in the southwest part of the Kimberley. Drive Through storeThe drive through liquor store has everything to satisfy all tastes, except sparkling mineral water!
Afternoon cloudsThe cumulus clouds build quickly and unexpectantly, then empty themselves and disappear shortly thereafter, only to develop a bit more before calming down for the evening. Road architectureSome roads run straight to the horizon, but still most drivers do not go faster than 100 km/hour. The danger of cattle or other animals resting on or along side the road is always present. It is a long distance from one town to the next in this part of the world and driving somewhat slower is a safer way to go - especially when sleepiness starts to set in.
Kimberley geologyThe Kimberley is part of very old tectonic crust and has eroded to form interesting formations. Flats of the Fitzroy River at DarbyThe country is very flat, thus, rivers tend to spread out as they reach the ocean. With the large tides, often reverse flow influences the course of the water. This is great crocodile country.
Mangrove shoresIn some of the bays which are protected from the strong tidal water flow, mangrove trees line the coastline. They provide a habitat for many animals, particularly the crocodiles that have developed abundantly. They present a huge danger to anyone who wants to explore the shores and inland rivers. Horizontal WaterfallsSome ocean passages are very narrow and produce strong tidal flows. This is a well known one called The Horizontal Waterfalls. They are a most special tourist attraction.
Runway servicing the mineAs mentioned under the page "Mine Gallery" - several islands are being exploited. Most of the transportation is by aircraft from small airstrips near and far. Cape LevequeCape Leveque, a popular tourist destination has it's own dirt strip. Besides the red cliffs and the white and coral beaches, there is not much to do but swim, relax and have a cool drink under the blazing sun - looks great!
Private beachesThe shoreline is sometimes straight and then carves itself into different shapes and colors. One thing is certain, endless frontage is still available for your own little cottage and private beach. Beaches unlimitedLarge empty beaches without having to compete for a place to put down your towel. However, in many areas, crocodiles just wait to pay you a visit and eat you for lunch, should you venture into their territory.
Joan is going to the beachIn Broome the crocks have been taken away to make it safe for the beachgoers. We decided to take advantage of the beautiful sun warmed water. The beaches are long, wide and deserted, leaving anything to the imagination. Ueli in the waterJust floating ...

 ..... just enjoying.

Joan the Writer and EditorJoan is hard at work composing text to our web pages or editing Ueli's script. Ueli at sunsetBeautiful sunsets on the beach ....

 .... with a cold glass of wine or beer.

Day comming to an end

Time to retire and get ready for the trip south, back towards Perth with many more discoveries yet to be had along the way.

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