The mining route of Western Australia

The town of Kalgoorlie started in 1893 when two men, Daniel Shea and Tom Flanagan stumbled across a large deposit of gold 100 ounces of alluvial nuggets. Today the town has one of the largest open pit gold and nickel mines in Australia. It lies just next to the town where about 30,000 people live. In the heydays, more than 80,000 people populated the City. Looking from above, one can easily see that the whole City is quite dwarfed in comparison to the large mine which is over three kilometers long.

Today the town has maintained a lot of it's historical character and tried to integrate it with today's requirement of society. As the town is only about 600 Km from Perth, a one day's drive by car, it is under the influence of the quality of life. Together with the wealth the gold mine is providing it gives a well kept appearance, however maintaining some of the charm associated with the mining activity.


Kalgoorlie train stationArriving at the train station , one feels set back in time. All is quiet for most of the day. Fast local trainModern fast trains connect the Town with Perth and other major cities of Western Australia. For faster connections, regular air services are available.
One of the hotels in townThe main intersection is dominated by the presence of the Hotel Excelsior very well preserved from long ago. The miners PubFor the thirsty miner or tourist, a US "Wild West" style entrance to the bar cannot be missed. The aroma of the many Australian beers catches your attention, well before you enter.
Casual refreshment on main streetNext door to one of the many beer bore holes is a nice open cafe. It might be comparable to an upscale Starbucks. Sitting in the window, people watching and enjoying refreshing ice coffees is a way to pass time very fast in the sizzling heat. Store front on main streetAnother hotel on the main street with many small shops under it's shelter, invites us to spend a little more time.
Time to go ...The clock on the tower of the Town Hall tells everyone very clearly when it is time to go home. Last drinkWhy not stop and have a chat with this old miner and have a refreshing sip from his water fountain?
Where to stayIn case you fit the category, don't be shy to call the number. You might be surprised at what awaits you! last restSome creatures did not make it today. They are called bumper bugs and are very tough to remove.

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