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Road Trip  2004


Road Trip  2004



North Platte is a town of almost 900,000. It is a place which has a nice quality of living – nothing high end, just nice people and a fairly well kept town. It boasts of having the largest train yard in the USA and famous for Buffalo Bill “Cody” Museum. Dinner was eaten at a steak house called Whiskey Creek, just off I 80. It was good, very good with nice service. Recommend? Yes.

Just last Sunday, we flew the Centurion into North Platte for lunch at the airport – lovely friendly people and the best BLT ever! . Great 8’000 ft. runway with another 4’000 ft. cross runway. Exceptionally nice FBO and it is a stop for the golfers who want an extra adventure added to their golf game.  From their executive jets they are driven one and a half hours NW to a swish golf resort called Sand Hills, designed by Ben Crenshaw. We flew over it on the way back to Boulder to check it out. It is set among great rolling hills and has buster sand traps! Clubhouse and condos are set on a small gorge and looked very nice all in all. For our taste, it could have a tree or two on the course, but what do we know? We are only bloody pilots and now road warriors, complete with camping gear.


Windy Planes

Free to flow, the fronts move with vigor across the planes.

Train Station

Linking the markets of the world, the train is still the work horse.

After Rain, the Sun

The renewing rain brings life to the rolling prairie.

Life and Death

Side by side, the two destinies in nature exist.

Ready for Winter

The results of hard work throughout the year is ready to be hauled away for winter storage.

Last Flowers

The last flowers give a display of their powers in beauty.

The Country

Thanking the country for the wealth given to these farmers.

The Workhorse

Day and night the trains thunder across the flats, hills and Gorges.


It was a beautiful morning and afternoon to drive up from North Platte, Nebraska to  Pierre, South Dakota. Attached is a picture of the typical landscape. The country in this neck of the woods is made up of beautiful rolling hills.  Pierre, the Capitol of South Dakota could be described as a "Slam bam, thank you Mam" type of town. After a brief dinner we drove up the Missouri River where the Oahe Dam forms Oahe Lake. Although it was only about a twenty minute drive, it was far removed from the City - as far as the crow flies. We enjoyed the contrast of the countryside to the City more than ever.

Last Flowers

Small symbols of love

Harvest pending

The hay bales waiting to be taken away while the sun flowers absorb the last rays of beautiful days.

As far as you can see

Like a multi faceted reflection of the sun, a sea of flowers spread to the horizon.

Little Attendants

It is never too late to do your duty. Winter is not far off.

Ready For Harvest

Rows upon rows of silos are ready for  the crop and store it until it can be processed or hauled away. Are they going to be full this year??

Nostalgia on the River

A glimpse of old times on the banks of the Missouri River offering a reflection of time.

The Rest

Enjoying  the catch of the day from  the river - a perfect ending to a perfect day .


Eager to get out of Pierre, SD, we packed up, grabbed a bite and started north to Fargo, North Dakota. It was a blue sky day and we followed the Missouri River north towards Bismarck, North Dakota. However, the scenery was so spectacular that we kept stopping to take pictures. We never made it to Fargo, but stopped in Bismarck, ND for two days to take in this lovely City and do some laundry. Getting back to the scenery for a moment – vast fields of sunflowers lined the roads and from our view, they were never ending. It was exceptionally beautiful. Where there weren’t sunflowers, there were silos of every size, shape and age, refineries which process the sunflowers seeds and rolling fields of wheat. Once while we were taking pictures from the side of the road, a State Trooper stopped to ask if everything was all right. He was a kind man and it was evident that not only did he care about our welfare, but he was interested to meet some new faces. It is sparsely populated along these roads - hardly any cars or people visible. Once settled in Bismarck, we thought it was time to stay put for a few days and catch our breath and enjoy the River sights and City. It is a wonderful place and on the last night we enjoyed dinner on the riverfront.  Would we recommend it? Definitely!


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