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Road Trip to the US + Canada NE - 2004,  overview Trip to Alaska
Road Trip: Boulder - Bismarck USA Travels in 2003
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Winnipeg - Sault Ste. Marie  
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Road Trip  2004


Road Trip  2004


Sorry to leave Bismarck, but eager to get onto Winnipeg, we once again collected our bags and hit the road. From Bismarck to Fargo, North Dakota, it is a flat stretch of uninterrupted Interstate. There is not much to see in the way of breathtaking landscape, only hay bales and power lines, so we concentrated our sights on more simple things, like a portable wood shack toilet on the back of a flatbed semi truck, a lonely vacated cabin surrounded by a fence and hay bales – things like that. Later we found these to be most interesting pictures. Also, we stopped to do a little jogging and pick some flowers off one of the exits. Once reaching Fargo, we started looking for a Starbucks to give us a kick, to no avail – not even three well fed jolly policemen had a clue. So we thought where we could grab a coffee or hot chocolate – we split town and drove straight to the airport, only to find a piece of rubber pie and hot chocolate water. Okay, onto Grand Forks where two rivers converge. Once completely flooded, the City has been revived and has a lovely river front where many people spend their leisure time. We drove across one of the rivers only to find ourselves in Minnesota. It was time to turn around and press on in order to go through Customs and reach Winnipeg by dinnertime. At 6:00 PM we reached Winnipeg, Canada. It was also time to convert our thinking to Canadian dollars, kilometers and liters. We were pleasantly surprised at the price of gas which was about .80/liter compared to the almost doubled price in Switzerland. Over the next day and a half we toured the City which is a bit back in time but trying to move forward with much building in progress. The downtown Forks area on the two rivers was a real highlight and we enjoyed strolling along the waterfront watching water taxies, exercise buffs, the eaters and two “Mounties”. It was a wonderful day for picture taking. The downtown area has a complete network of skyways and most everything is done inside and not out. The winters can be as low as -50 F and all shopping, etc. is done inside. The Province of Manitoba boasts of being the “Friendly People”. I forgot my pocketbook at the riverfront and about a half hour later when panic set in, Ueli ran back to where we had been sitting and found it. Two lovely older ladies were sitting there watching it and hoping that we would come back to fetch it. Indeed it is appropriate to call Winnipeg one of the friendliest places we had come across thus far. It was a good place to visit. One other place we did visit was the Aviation Museum and each person we came across gave us his own personal tour of not only the main part of the Museum, but all the work shops behind the scenes. It is all staffed by volunteers and as any person we have ever met in aviation; they were filled with enthusiasm for what they did. One man showed us how to stitch fabric on the ribs the old fashioned way with a needle about a foot long. He loved it and so did we. It was a great visit.


Oversize Load

A new silo on its way to a farm. Shipping poses no problem in one piece on the road.

Your Outhouse

When traveling with a large family, the proper size bathroom should always be taken along.

Long Load

Think about the time it takes to pass this truck which is on the way to pick up an fresh load of hay bales.

Taxi on the Water

A speedy way of city travel finds its way at the rivers junction in Winnipeg.

Beautiful Architecture

Lining the green banks of the river are trails to stroll and admire...

Before Winter

Only a few more weeks before the cold Arctic winds bring an end to the colors of summer.

Last Days of Summer Sun

The last scents from the flowers in the parks bid goodbye until spring.

Busy Bumblebee

Last feast to stock up before  winter sets in.

Friendly Mounties

A welcome photo opportunity, at every turn.

Diverse Architecture

Diverse range of architecture and innovative design of parks bring growth and renewal to a tired old city.

Indoor Food Corner

Elements of nature are often  unfriendly in a glass covered hall.

Scented Candles

When the fragrance of the outdoor flowers is gone, the scented candles try to recall the past  summer days.

Vintage Aircraft

Joan inspecting a bush plane once belonging to a  famous lady pioneer pilot.

Military Experimental

At the Aircraft Museum, a few rare military Experimentals  and more modern flying machines can be found.

Visit the Aircraft Museum of Western Canada in Winnipeg, just outside the airport. It has a number of very interesting birds for inspection.


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