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Road Trip  2004


Road Trip  2004



It was pouring when we woke up and we hustled to pack up and get on the road. It would be a long drive of over 500 kilometers. We put in the first tape of a book by John Grisham called “The Last Juror”.

After a short night in Thunder Bay, it was still raining. We raced through breakfast, threw the few bags in the car and were underway. Forty-five minutes in and around town pretty much did it. It was not capturing our attention except for a series of impressive silos at the riverfront. Ueli took some pictures, still in the rain; we then set out on a 678 kilometer drive to Sault Ste. Marie. Once again, we shoved in a tape of “The Last Juror” and knew we would be captured by that.

The first 400 kilometers were pretty, but the last 400 plus were breathtaking. Even though visibility was sometimes like flying IFR, there were still enough breaks to stop about ten times and take pictures of the rugged and beautiful coastline of Lake Superior. At one stop, there was a waterfall (Kakabeka Falls) which surprised both of us. Ueli ran back to the car to get his wide angle lens. The Falls were truly grand. Eager to get to our next destination we drove on into some of the most gorgeous country we have seen yet. Lakes were everywhere and each one had its own character and beauty.

Just as we pulled into Sault Ste. Marie, our book on tape ended. It was a terrific novel and we would highly recommend it – “The Last Juror” by John Grisham.

The next day was sunny and we spent hours walking the board walk, watching folks harvesting Salmon, catching enough to fill their ice boxes. Then there were the small locks on the Canadian side busy with passing the site-seeing boats through. And finally we checked out the Bush-flying Museum. It is really worth while to visit. Cleverly made audio-video presentations display the history, work and fascination of Bushpilots and Firefighters. When the day came to an end we looked for a laundry place and were successful to find one nearby. Next to it was a Tattoo parlor and Joan was close to give it a try, but unfortunately the artist did not know how a our aircraft, the Centurion looks like. He prefers Roses.

Pilot on Standby

At Kenora harbor pilots are waiting for work.

Kenora Harbor

Seaplanes waiting for clients. Our fond memories from a few years back.

Otter Returning

Kenora Harbor traffic.

Cascades at Thunder Bay

The waters of the lake area to the east cascade to the Lake Superior over Kakabeka Falls

Thunder Bay Harbor

Grain waiting to be shipped through the Great Lakes and on the St. Laurence Water Ways.

Lumber Mills

Part of the immense lumber is processed into particle boards or paper

Wings on the Road

No problem to ship a pair of aircraft wings on the little used roads of the North.

Oversized Load

No problem in this area.

Nature Art

Nature has it's own way of transforming the living into sculptures of beauty.

Rugged Coastline

The vastness and fury of storms on Lake Superior shapes the coastline like the borders of the sea.

Beauty of the Evening

Undisturbed by civilization, beauty can still display itself.

Calm of the Remote

The winds of the day have calmed down suggesting that nature also readies itself for a nights rest.

Vintage Bush Plane

A Reliant SR9 is getting a deserved retirement at the museum.

Modest Panel

The cockpit of the Reliant SR9 in modest beauty

Bush Flying Scenario

Great display of bush flying challenges in theater.

Canadair CL215

This workhorse of a water bomber was the tool used by fire fighters of the air for many years.

Captains Office

Complex work desk of the aerial fire fighters in the Canadair CL215

De Havilland Otter

The bush plane of today, a larger brother of the famous Beaver.

Salmon Fishing

Fishing party at the river promenade as the Salmon is traveling up the river.

Joan's Fishing Team

Everybody is caught by the fishing fever, especially when large caliber is at stake.

Locks of Sault Ste Marie

The smaller locks on the Canadian side are as busy as ever, especially for the tourist boats.

  Old and New Bridge

With advances in technology so are changes of the style in bridge construction.


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