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Road Trip to the US + Canada NE - 2004,  overview Trip to Alaska
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Road Trip  2004


Road Trip  2004


From Sault Ste. Marie, we expected to see rolling forests with magnificent coastlines while on the way to the next destination of Manitoulin Island. We did not. The terrain was for the most part, very flat. Inland and along the coast consisted of logging.. The highlight was a stop in Espanola for a Dairy Queen. Next, before venturing onto the Island was a stop at the tourist center  for the do's and don'ts. The ticket for the ferry  to the mainland was also purchased here.

Manitoulin Island is the largest fresh water Island in North America. The mainstay, besides the tourist industry, evident by  abundant souvenir shops, is agriculture and horse raising.  We took advantage of the perfect weather after three days of non stop rain and strolled along the meandering beaches to feel the warmth of the sun and take pictures. Later we ventured onto the shallow rock outcrops barely above water level to look at the sunset with the local raven always searching for some little critter hiding under a rock. Dinner at Linda and Ray's Cafe was as simple as  the accommodation for the night. It consisted of a hearty meal accompanied by a glass of ice tea and  huge piece of apple pie.  We were ready to leave.

The next morning we drove onto the ferry for a two hour crossover to the mainland peninsula which divides Lake Huron and the Georgian Bay. The wind was stiff to say the least, but everyone was assured that is could be much worse. Quite a few pale faces tried their best to survive the ordeal. 

Once again on land, we drove south, east and then north to Parry Harbor. It was quite uneventful except for a ten to twenty mile stretch of outstanding rock formations through which the four lane highway had been cut. Over the next two days, we would have the opportunity to view them from the air.


Float Plane in Back Yard

Some have their boat in the back yard, but if you are far from the city it should have wings........

Neat Farmhouse

Uncertain whether one is looking at a vacation home or farm house - until you spot the cows nearby.

Calm Lake for Sailing

A shallow coastline displays  a multitude of pastel colors -a perfect place for seaplane landings.

Could be a Sea Shore

Testing the water, affirms that you are on the shore of a cold cold lake.

This sandy beach has all the ocean characteristics with sea gulls and shells on the beach. When the wind kicks up, the waves can become disrespectfully large.
Look Out for the Rougher Water

Since the lake is large it can take on the character of the sea.

White Caps

The jet-stream has arrived!

Lighthouse at South Baymouth

Beacon for the ferry before GPS time.


Calm and relaxing at the end of a long driving day.

Making Friends

This bird was very curious of new faces on the beach. He walked right up to make a bid for food - no shyness here.

Juicy Dinner under a Stone?

Walking with us along the beach, this bird turned over almost every stone he thought  worthwhile and often was rewarded.

Shelter for Everyone

With the lake holding fresh water, life starts in every possible nook and cranny.

Departure Time

The ferry arrives from the morning mist stirring the peer into activity with cars, bikes and people lining up.

Parade for the Guests

The neatly kept ship passes the peer and then backs into the loading ramp.

Pole Positions

Eagerly awaiting the signal, the motorcycles wait  for the green signal to turn up the roar and parade on out.

Finding the Right Way

Like an underground cavern, the large belly of the ship swallows you up.

Down the Throat

Between pillars and along shiny walls, we find our niche in the front of the boat.

Casting Off

The big winches have released the boat from it's moorings and the boat departs the protected port.

Tossing Wind

With the wind breaker we feel comfortable watching the waves churning with white caps.

Lighthouse of Cove Island

Signals from Tobermory, tells us that our destination is approaching.

Hungry Ferry

Time to regurgitate it's load and swallow a fresh batch of passengers willing to pay a few bucks.

Granite North shore

Beautiful rock formations line the highway to Parry Harbor.

Stay on the Road

Are guard rails are necessary with this road side protection?

Parry Harbor

Our long expected destination appears after our seaplane adventure.


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