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Road Trip  2004


Road Trip  2004


With the pictures of the previous days still filling our heads, we pulled out of Parry Harbor. We have the feeling that many facilities are quietly shutting down for the winter. Today's driving trip is taking us more on rural and normal two lane highways. This does not mean that traffic is slow. At least 5-10 km/hour above the max speed limit seems to be the local rule. Enjoying the passing scenery we occasionally slow down a bit in order not to miss a photo opportunity. You hear a thunder of an engine brake and look in your rear view mirror to see the hood of a truck right on the tail end of your car.  They are definitely the "Pace Setters" of the road.

Here and there patches of flowers color the grass, while other changing colors in the woods advertise the coming of fall.  Suddenly we come up to a crowd of tourists on the side of the road with cars lining the streets. In the water filled ditch along the side of the road is a lonely  Lady Moose chewing on the moist green grass. Sometime later, another road block appears and in the distance we see the antlers of his Majesty, Mister Moose lying in the tall grass chewing his lunch. Thanks to the tele-lens we can bridge the swampy gap and shoot the souvenir photo.

Traveling through an agricultural countryside for several hours we finally arrive in Ottawa. We quickly check-in and then GPS ourselves through town, laying a grid work on our trusty equipment as a guide for the next day. 

The heart of town is a beautiful array of historical and more contemporary buildings; interspersed are colorful parks. To the north, the majestic Ottawa River served in gone by days as the passage to the west. It now offers abundant recreation on the water in summer and on the ice in winter. On the eastern edge of town we tracked down the aircraft museum. Walking into the larger hangar, one has to stop to catch one's breath. A myriad of aircraft - all ages - stand or suspend from the ceiling. All are in pristine condition, polished and supplied with elaborate explanations. It is a place one must see. Outside, another hangar slightly larger in size, is about ready to take in some of the larger old-timers parked on the ramp. Other amazing relics wait to be brought to this small airport.

In front of the small FBO called the "Rockcliffe Flying Club", on the other side of the runway, the grill is smoking ready to feed hungry pilots who have survived the stiff crosswind, with hot dogs or hamburgers. Everybody is enjoying one of the last beautiful days of flying and simply hanging out at the airport. Winter snow will soon bury the aircraft under 3m (10ft) of snow, unless the owner stands ready to use his shovel and free his proud possession. In winter, the sides of the runway have piles up snow which are five feet and higher - tricky on those windy days!


Little Boat House

Viewed from street level.

Little Boat House with Mansion

Facing the street with rarely any traffic is quite acceptable!

Old Barn in Country

House reminiscent of old times like a Model T Ford.

Fall Colors

First sign of fall makes its appearance along a road in the park.

Quiet Marshes

Looking hard for moose, the animal depicted on all caution road signs.

Finally, Her Majesty

A lady moose lunching on tender grass along the road.

Calm Lakes

Sport fishing from shore or boat makes a vacation relaxing.

Toilet on Board

Some camps are a bit further away. Guest conveniences begin at the ramp.

Mr. Moose

Hidden in the high grass "almost" out of view from the passer-by.

Last Crop

In the warm sun, a bumble bee enjoys the last of the summer nectar. Others, select the windshields of vehicles.

Brilliant Colors

Hearty flowers still paint the pastures afraid to let go of the summer.

Layout of Ottawa

The early settlements around the river confluence.


Some tourist attractions are the majestic Government buildings overlooking the river.

More Government

Stone from the area form the many of breathtaking structures.

Locks Tame the water

Crossing the City, the streams from the south were accessed through this waterway.

Riverside Lunch

Busy traffic on the blue river will soon disappear when ice takes over.

Police Academy

A herd of beautiful black horses belonging to the :Mounties" enjoy the  fresh grass close to the river.

The Highlander

Enjoying a hearty meal in the international town of Ottawa.


The names and exact designations may be incorrect, as the printed list handed out in the museum is slightly different than the display on the floor due to renovation. We would be very happy if the experts among you can point to any errors and add any omissions. This info is greatly appreciated.

The Aviation Museum just outside of Ottawa is a must to visit. Presently one large hangar is crammed with vintage and modern aircraft. A new hangar of same size is presently being added across the tarmac. Great Fun

Posing in front of a Spad-7

Curtiss HS-2L

Rebuilt out of almost nothing recovered from the bottom of a lake.

Veterans from WW I

Left:_Avro 604K                 Right:_Sopwith

Waco 10
Streetcar with detachable wings Wings

Cockpit of flying street car.

Canadair Sabre 86
Canadair CL-84

Short take off experimental aircraft

Fleet-Farchild Cornell II

Avro Anson V

Harrier AV-8A

Vertical take off fighter


Thank you to our Australian friend Warwick for correctly identifying some of the birds.


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