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Road Trip to the US + Canada NE - 2004,  overview Trip to Alaska
Road Trip: Boulder - Bismarck USA Travels in 2003
Bismarck - Winnipeg Soggy trip in France
Winnipeg - Sault Ste. Marie  
Sault Ste. Marie  -  Parry Sound Visit to Japan
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New Brunswick  
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Road Trip  2004


Road Trip  2004


We felt that we should move on as the weather was good. Ottawa has left a good impression but more is waiting. After fueling up at Starbucks we followed the river road down the Ottawa River. Overhead an old Lancaster Bomber flew exercise patterns and two F-18's made their practice runs. What a fare-well!

On our drive to Montreal we enjoyed the countryside with its little towns, forests and pastures. The River grew and when merging with the Lawrence River, a mighty stream squeezed itself past the large City of Montreal.

We took a day to check out the City. The Old Town and the river front was worth a stroll. The business part of the city does not motivate one to do anything else than business which was not in our program. On our way out we toured the old residential part NW of City center. It was very educating to take in the various old architectural styles, some of them very captivating.

Driving towards Quebec we noticed how the valley gradually grew wider with a mountain range on the north side and the rolling wooded hills toward the south, which would prove to be very characteristic to the Nova Scotia area in the following days. The colors of the woods became more intense and everywhere the farmers did their last preparations before the arrival of winter. It was worthwhile to take the slower road along the river. Slow was however a very relative word as most traffic seemed to be in a great hurry at 10-15% over the speed limit. Stopping at a village café was an experience and insight to the kindness of the people, though they only speak French.

In Quebec we were surprised to find the large ocean liner, Queen Mary II moored at the peer. The ferries we would take the next day looked like small tugboats when passing in front. In the distance we saw a shiny white Carnival Cruise Ship parked far enough away to make room for Her Majesty, the Queen. The next day, two of the cruise ships were parked in the same spot.

Quebec is definitely worth a visit. It is neat, cultivated and (save the tourists and abundance of souvenir shops) a picturesque City. Above all, the culinary aspect has to be mentioned. The real French quality and hospitality makes you want to come again. Quality outdoes quantity and does not leave the feeling of being a stuffed turkey by the days end. The only thing we missed was an exquisite cheese selection to perfectly complete the meal. On the other side, the sweets we did order were very well balanced and you didn't have the feeling that they were an advertisement of a sugar laden cupboard.   We may be back again.

Your Own Air-Strip

Lonely out in the country the floatplane waits. The Beaver will be back soon if the wind is right.

Small Farm-House

Modest with a few cows and crops in the field.

Big Farms

Giant equipment and long rows of hay rolls.

Perfume of the Season

Mammoth manure spreaders place their accent in the fields - smell the recent fragrance of the season.

Busy Guests

For a little while the seagulls become land-gulls.

The River

Steadily becoming wider the St. Lawrence River becomes only an artery.

Thirsty Car

At 0.90 can$/liter - lots cheaper than in Europe but almost twice of US.

Hungry Drivers

Get the flavor of countryside with friendly hospitality when exercising the French language.

Geared for Snow

Put the hydrant sign where it can be seen. People care very much for colorful front yard decorations.

Affordable Housing

Simple housing for temporary living, movable on sleds put on the river for ice fishing.

Spanning the River

Giant bridge crosses the Saint Lawrence river. More modern ones exist next to historical construction.

Montreal Harbor Front

Charming old quarters along the harbor front with unavoidable big city background.

One up in Affordable Housing

Secluded town settlements lie behind black wrought iron fences.

High End Housing

Glass and steel facades distract the eye from the suffering streets of a big old city.

Montreal Parliament

Beautiful glass windows decorate the Parliament's Assembly Hall.

  Town Square in Old Montreal

Last flowers before the arrival of the first snow. Some people still in short sleeves !!

Quebec Presents

Very majestic on the rock overlooking the harbor.

Queen Mary II

A one day visit makes this the main attraction.

Cruise Ships Next Day

Giving their passengers the chance to explore town and stock up on souvenirs.

Checking out Dinner

The choice is large and quality range is wide in this French influenced town.

Quality above all

Enjoying the finest, get the hospitality the food deserves to be accompanied with.

Our Recommendation

Hidden in a quiet alley, staffed with people who want to spoil you.

Market Square

Busy street corner.

Fresh Produce

Colorful display in the beautifully displayed fruits and vegetables.

Talking to Friends

Just get on their level.


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