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Road Trip  2004


Road Trip  2004


It was time to leave the big cities and head for the Atlantic Provinces. Heading northeast the valley grew larger and it was hard to imagine how in ancient times a large river coming from the retreating glaciers washed out this land. Leaving the agricultural shores of the Saint Lawrence River we climbed into the wild rolling hills of New Brunswick. The road was in very good shape and traffic held up pace. Forest across the hills and calm lakes filling the low areas between yet reflecting the shore beyond created a relaxing serenity.

Entering New Brunswick territory, the first thing that caught our eye was a historical monument at the side of the road, an vintage Lancaster bomber guarding the entrance to the airfield. We had a delightful chat with the manager and soon learned a few things about the area.

Our stop for the night, Edmundston with the paper mill as the main employer showed us the hardness and slower pace of life in this corner of the country. Most of the people spoke, however, French and English. Tired from a long drive and looking for a comfortable place to eat we spotted a busy little cafe/pub. As Ueli went to scope it out, Joan got into a conversation with a presumed customer who had pulled up beside our car and greeted her warmly with a comment about the weather." Should we try this place, Joan asked? "Yes, I am the owner!" Okay, so we went in and had a good pizza and a glass of wine. The food was fresh, light (as pizza goes), with good service and friendly people. We make a quick stop to see Grand Falls and later the longest covered wooden bridge. The next urgent stop was Fredrericton for a pit stop and refueling at Starbucks - the chocolate macaroon wasn't bad either! Destination of the day was Saint John, not to be confused with St. John of Newfoundland.

The main attraction in this town besides the cruise ships making daily stops was the Reversing Falls. This is aptly named because of a rocky passage in the Saint John River creating heavy vortexes on either side, depending on which way the tidal flow is going. It is a very dramatic sight and is taken advantage of by touristy powerboats with bedazzled passengers experiencing  their thrill rides. The town as it is today is a bit tired but holds much charm waiting to to be brought to life  with some imagination.

After visiting the local museum filled with highly educational historical and geological information, a trip to Fundy Bay was in order. World renown for its dramatic tidal variations and beautiful untouched coastlines, we walked for hours through the shallow waters (thanks to Ueli packing the knee high rubber boots) and gingerly walking on huge seaweed covered rock outcrops. We stayed there until sunset which was spectacular and took the last of our memory space on both cameras. As the tide started to roll in, the day closed with a fish and chip dinner overlooking the area we had just walked for hours and hours.

Time to move on to Prince Edward Island or PEI as the locals call it.

New Brunswick Countryside

Gentle rolling hills with deep blues and endless lakes. The forest almost at peak of displaying its full set of colors. Maples in red and aspens in yellow appear as far as the eye can see.

Feed Silo with Character

Is he in favor or against the passing traffic?

Lancaster Mk.X KB882 at Edmundston

Flew over Germany 1945 as part of the RAF but under Canadian control. Then used for photographing the Canadian High Arctic.


Quiet little Town along the Saint John River.

Rock Formation

A page out of the earth's geological history.

Grand Falls

A modest display of motion as most of the water is diverted to the power plant.

Reversing Fall Saint John

Low tide with current flowing out out the river basin.

Longest Covered Wood Bridge at Hartland

No traffic lights just courtesy

Ready for Winter

Farm outside Edmundston, expecting up to 6 ft of snow.

Reversing Fall - Saint John

High tide with dramatic turbulence as the water rushes up stream.

Giant Vortex

Deep funnels appear in the rushing water.

Fun Boats

Water jet boats with tourists slither and jump across the wild turbulence

Skyline of Saint John

The cruise liner dwarfs even the high buildings along the harbor front.

Tim Hortons

Our favorite backup for lack of Starbucks. The bakery section is especially a worthwhile stop.

Old and New

Every day in season, the town is flooded with a new group of visitors from the cruise ships.

Charming Streets

Town Center holds much charm which needs some special care to become really attractive.


Beauty even when revived is spoiled by modern day contraptions.

Lonely Beaches

Some lonely but exquisite stretches of coastline  along  Fundy Park.

Nature's Interaction

Large tides work hard on the shores carving into the rock and exposing sea weed.

Beauty Exposed

Life is everywhere and the diversely colored pebbles show a rich geological history.

Mussel Man

Nowhere are they as fresh as next to the sea.

Time to Rest

Large tidal variations require careful timing of your work. Nature is the boss here!

The Right Footgear

Good thing that we were prepared for the occasion.

Salmon River

Calm today, the river shows marks of a hot temperament with logs and large boulders scattered everywhere.

Airport Tower of Saint John

With the high pressure area overhead, the day calmly drifts into night.


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Prince Edward Island (PEI)


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