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Road Trip to the US + Canada NE - 2004,  overview Trip to Alaska
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Seaplane Bases, Friends and Great People Encountered on our Trip  


Road Trip  2004


Road Trip  2004


The passage of 14 miles on the Northumberland Ferry from Prince Edward Island to Nova Scotia was smooth sailing. Another blue sky day with only a moderate wind made the scenery even more breathtaking and we snapped away pictures before sitting down with a hot coffee to talk about the day which lie ahead.

After debarking from the ferry in Caribou, we took the longer but more scenic route through Liscomb Game Sanctuary. Don't let that fool you, we did not see one moving thing, except the russet leaves blowing in the wind. After breaking out of the "Sanctuary" we drove west along the coastline toward our next destination of Halifax. It was a nice drive with inland lakes of pristine water and a coastline which was rugged, yet gentle with light green marshes and dots of islands peeking up here and there. There were quaint villages and we wondered about the diverse architecture and tried to make an uneducated guess on the ages of these homes.

The transition into the City was not as smooth as we usually make - one wrong turn - it took us several miles to right our mistake. This was not a big deal, but we were tired today and were eager to park the car and take a walk around to stretch our legs. Finally we found our way to the waterfront and did just that. After a few hours of walking up and down and all around, we decided to call it a day and found a nice little pub, drank quarts of water and chased that down with a few beers. We were too full to be hungry, so we settled for a salad and a cup of chowder. It seemed just perfect, but the soup must have had a cup of MSG in it because the result was obvious within 20 minutes. The night would prove to be a hard one. Joan has a severe reaction to that wicked stuff and it was not a nice way to end such a nice day for either one of us.

Halifax is a nice City, but unkempt. It does have a charm about it, but with all the thousands of tourists from the cruise ships and just plain too many people all over, it was not too much fun to play dodge ball after a long day. From the short impression we had, it is not a City we would run back too.

Bridgewater, only one and a half hours southeast of Halifax was to be our base for the next two days. It is a delightful little town not far from Lunnenburg where large and small fishing boats abound. The streets are lined with colorful little houses and many were under repair or in the process of getting winterized for the upcoming season. At the harbor the ship maintenance works were hard at getting the ships ready again for the start of the season in December. As we learned, winters are harsh here and much preparation is needed to make life more tolerable. Many of the shops were still open and people were flocking in to make their purchases. A one shop stop does it for us and between the two of us, we can never think of anything we need. So we started back towards the car, when low and behold, a man was waving his arm and calling, "Hello". It was unbelievable, but it was John and Diana Dale from British Colombia. Just two years ago we flew with a convoy of 8 other planes to Alaska with them. They head up FlyNorth, an outfit which organizes trips to Alaska and other places (see our website "Flying to Alaska.")  We had had a grand time and had not seen them since. Amazing things happen when people travel and what seems to be a big world is in reality, not so big. We chatted and took a few pictures before we each had to be on our ways. What a surprising encounter!

Next was the town of LaHave. The winding drive to the little ferry which took us there was once again, beautiful. The great little cable ferry which hauls itself across the LaHave Inlet not only accommodates cars and trucks, but also ferries the local school bus back and forth each weekday. The crew was a jolly bunch! On the short hop across, we met a delightful couple, Jen and Tom who were traveling by bicycle from their home twenty kilometers inland to go to a very luscious bakery. Naturally, we shared a table together, ate a wonderful snack and enjoyed a good conversation about everything from cookies to computers. They were right, one would be hard pressed to ever find a better bakery!  A questions we had for them was, "Is there a seaplane base around?" Tom checked the phone book to no avail, however, he said to check with with the lady at the post office who knows everything that happens in and around town. We took some pictures and said our goodbyes.

Bright and early next morning we were off. First stop was the local store to pick up a few items for the road. As we pulled into the parking space, there was Tom next to his car waving. Another coincidence! Once more we wished each other a great day and said goodbye for a second time.

Yarmouth, Nova Scotia was to be our final destination before going back to the States. This is a diverse Country with much to do and see. The people are open and friendly. We will come back to do some more exploration - especially in the northeast part of Cape Breton which is said to be fantastic. 

Wood Island Ferry Terminal

Ferry harbor for alternate departure / arrival from Prince Edward Isand.

Crossing Northumberland Strait

For many years the only contact to the main land.

Making Notes

Smooth water offered great opportunity to catch up with our writing.

Fall Colors

Everywhere full fall colors were on display. Small ponds beckoning all to stop and relax.


Here too, they were busy collecting the last harvest.

Large Rosehips

The ideal climate had the rosehips grow to spectacular  proportions.

Cantrell in Abundance

Those yellow specialties were available all over. Nobody seemed to want them.

Halifax Downtown

Waterfront to business center, all is confined to a small area swamped with tourists.

Halifax Waterfront Residence

Upscale  and dense accommodations.

Countryside Accommodations

Peaceful quiet environment

Country Church

Inviting for worshipers to join together for praise of the day.

Fall Colors in the Garden

The moderate humid climate encouraged bushes to grow to unusually large sizes.



Fishing and seafaring Town with colorful waterfront displays much of history, yet maintains the old charm.

It is great to be able to walk everywhere, see life in action and talk to the locals about their lives.

Ship Maintenance

Boats of all types and sizes are overhauled and made ready for the next summer season.

Welding Shop

Also large fishing equipment incurs a beating and needs to be replaced.

Time Stands Still

Picturesque and peaceful countryside.

LaHave Ferry

For a few minutes we become a family of fate. New contacts are made..........

Rocking with Time

A comfortable environment in a niche of the  bakery.

Friendly Bakery Service

Joint effort for a selection from the wealth of goodies.

At the Cemetery

Other places, other means.

Herring Boat

Ready for departure for the night Herring catch. Birds all over await the return.

Lobster Boats

The Lobster catching season does not start until December. The boats are ready and waiting.

Large Investment

You are looking at half a million Canadian$ in boat and equipment and one million for the license.

The lobster season is from December to May. The remaining year is for the recovery of the lobster stock. The lobsters caught are placed in plastic tubes and submerged in chilled water to hibernate until needed by the market. Interesting Rock Formation

Display of the layered and folded ocean sediments.

"Cat"  to Bar Harbor

Ready to head out to sea - great excitement lies ahead!

Full Speed Ahead

Beautiful display of power in motion.

Ueli Checking Speed

With his trusty GPS, Ueli wants to see numbers.

The Readout

The top cruising speed showed 72km/h or 45mi/h.

End of Canada Trip

Shortly we will return to the USA and visit the more frequented areas of the country.

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