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At Sea Level


N85S heading south    N91508 checking tree growth

Having checked the majestic Denali Mountain Range we had the urge to see things up close. The flat Susitna River flowing south had not only tree poles but also the occasional river rafter enjoying the slow and wet travel. We are certain that they had the luck of spotting some large animals.


Susitna FlatsHomer a good choice for a fuel stopThe Susitna River loosing it's momentum on the way to the ocean meanders artistically like a silver ribbon through the marshy coastal flats. Countless birds find here a summer residency. 

For us it is time to climb to safer altitude while crossing the hazy and waters of the Cook Inlet with Anchorage to the East. Oil rigs are a more frequent sight pumping the precious fluid from deep within the ground that had once seen much warmer days. Our destination was Homer (PAHO) at the southern end of the Cook Inlet. 


Custom Designed House Boat

It is said that "Artists only need two things to survive - beautiful scenery and cheap rent". Homer got them both. 

Homer is at the southern end of the Kenai Peninsula. With the attractive "Spit" reaching out into the Kachemak Bay, the town has a site which offers opportunities for the locals and attractions for the tourists as close as Anchorage. The gravel beaches are inviting to pitch a tent and look for a salmon to grill.


Diner for the family The catch of the day

After bringing your catch ashore it is time to seek the contact at "Salty Dawg Saloon" and tell the story of the day. Then go to Land's End and  indulge yourself in the Alaskan oyster while enjoying the grand view of the Kachemak Bay with the magnificent background of the Kenai Range with it's snow and ice covered peaks.


A hangout for AllCramped quarters at Salty Dawg

In the narrow and dark bar there is not much space ...



The sunset

The end of a day that always will be remembered ....

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