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Being the travel people we are, it is hard for us to stay put  for too long. Sometimes we have a commitment to visit a friend or relative. If that is not the case, there are enough reasons to pack our bags and take out the maps. During our stay in the USA, lasting almost six months, we made five longer trips taking us beyond the greater Denver area, our local stomping ground. On the map below we have marked the excursions in different colors. To read our notes, select the trip from the list under the map. Should you have questions or want to give us some suggestions for our next trip, please do not hesitate to write us to:


Santa Fe Boulder - Santa Fe - Boulder (roundtrip 600nm = 1120 km)
Aspen Daytrip to Aspen ( roundtrip 200nm = 360 km)
Westcoast Loop:  part 1 Boulder - Prescott - Palm Springs - San Diego - Napa (1130nm = 2100 km)
Westcoast Loop:  part 2 Napa - Portland - Kalispell - Billings - Boulder ( 1580nm = 2930 km total 2710nm = 5030 km)
Pittsburgh Boulder - San Joseph - Indianapolis - Pittsburgh - Des Moines - Boulder ( 2360nm = 4370 km)
Cleveland Boulder - Salina - St. Louis - Cleveland - Cincinnati - Kansas City - Boulder ( 2410nm = 4467 km)
Four State Swing: part 1 Boulder - Dutch John - Wendover - Ely - Marble Canyon
Four State Swing: part 2 Marble Canyon - Montrose - Boulder


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