Nevada Loop
part 2


Map with route of our Four State Swing In only two days we had seen some of the best of Colorado and rounded the State of Utah with it's diverse terrain. It was time to pack up and look forward to the next leg of the trip.
Morning sun on the walls of Marble Canyon Nearby Lodge at Marble CanyonOn our early morning departure from Marble Canyon, the sun bathed the Vermillion Cliffs in golden and orange tones setting off the various shades of terra cotta against the light blue sky. Unforgettable would best describe the scenery. Once over the cliff's edge, the flight to Page is quickly done. Again full of gas, we pressed on eager to see what was ahead.
Lake Powel, Colorado river dammed filling Glenn Canyon Rainbow Bridge at Lake Powel NPSpectacular sights of Lake Powel passed under us on our way east. We were thinking that having floats under the belly for a splash and go would have been great fun.

Checking out the Rainbow Bridge is a MUST!  What a sight, what a treat.

Monument Valley, Arizona Monument Valley, here we come!





Finding the right angle for picture taking can easily take an hour and we were so grateful to have plenty of gas for cruising around.Monument Valley

Uncompahgre RangeOn the way to Montrose, the Uncompahgre Range welcomed us ahead. In the distance, the peaks of Telluride with the first snows waved it's flag, bidding us to come. It was tempting, but the with the feel of all too familiar wind and it's assortment of bumps, we declined. We circled over the colorful Aspens, waiting for a clearance to land in Montrose.
Ueli, ready for curtesy car Ridgeway, a retirement optionA courtesy TRUCK with over 500,000 miles was offered from Western Skyways, where our aircraft engine had been rebuilt earlier this year.  Happily, we thanked those kind people. It was just the perfect mountain vehicle. Ueli was in seventh heaven!

We checked out the land situation at Ridgway, where one of our close flying buddies would soon call home for he and his family.

Ouray main street.Grabbing a cup of coffee and a homemade cookie in the much talked about town of Ouray afforded us a chance to sit on a real sofa and chill out for about an hour. The new owner was from Germany and "she" introduced us to shaved Mexican chocolate sprinkled over our cappuccinos. Bliss is what we remember.
Joan picking fall flowers Last colors of fall

Joan, the flower girl, finds the last of the summer beauties for her collection of dried flowers.

The Aspen present a magnificent last painting before the cold bitting weather descended from the mountains.

Joan preflighting our planeTime to go home, return the courtesy car and get some more updates on the handling and preservation our new engine in N85S. For now, we say good-bye to Montrose, a town with an exciting future..... Of all the towns and cities we visited the last 200 hours of flying in just over four months, we found "the" best restaurant in Montrose, set high on a mountain desert in the Rocky Mountains.
Ski slopes of Copper resortKeystone ski area En route home, we checked out the snow conditions for the upcoming season of the well known ski slopes of Copper (left) and Keystone (right). 

Almost home and having given FSS a  final  good weather report, a last reminder of how mountain flying can be, bid us adieu. A hair raising descent tossed us about  down the eastern slopes of the  Rocky Mountains..........We updated FSS and flew on to Boulder.

Ueli ready to cover the plane after returning to Boulder Finally, we are back home in Boulder with a whole lot to tell and a whole lot of sleep to catch up on!

Of all the many trips we made this past summer and fall, this one was at the top of the list.



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